Live music is our passion. The nerves before the show, the fans going wild, the party on stage, that is the reason why we make music. To play a live act is a lot more to us than just playing out our songs. It’s a happening.

Our aspiration is to create an experience. An experience that captivates, inspires and stays in the memories. The set of each concert is fine-tuned for every single night. Besides our songs, that you won’t forget that quickly, we are focusing on a well-planned stage show that can be enhanced by our own light- and showequipment. Our own professional sound engineer makes sure that our sound is top notch.

None of our concerts is like the other. Depending on the event, the stage and the size of the audience, we are capable of serving different occasions, needs and wishes. This always leads to an optimal individual result. No matter if we are the supporting band, the insider tip in a club or headliner of a local festival, we always offer the perfectly fitting package containing set, show, equipment and staff.

You want to book Cold Silence for your event or you have questions? Simply get in touch with us and we’ll take care of the rest.