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"Cold Silence" - this is Metalcore, Post Hardcore, High Clean Vocals, aggressive Screams, Low Growls, emotional Lyrics, Guitar Harmonies, Double Bass Beats, Electro Elements, and Ballads. It's clear that the jack-of-all-trades of music quickly comes together when a skater, an emo-metalhead, a crazy bassist, and a sound engineer stand on stage as the lead guitarist and musically meet somewhere in the middle.

"Cold Silence" has been around since 2011 but has changed significantly since then. Tom Silence, one of the founding members, is still on board, carrying his alias in the band's light since its inception. And the reinforcements that have since arrived are quite impressive. In 2021, they immediately hit the studio with the old songs. Here it becomes clear: nothing sounds outdated; rather, everything has been revised and adapted to the new combo. In November 2021, "The Silent Opening" provided a taste of what the band will produce in the future. The mix of harsh screams, melodic metal-core licks, atmospheric backtracks, and clean-pop vocals has found approval both at concerts and in living rooms, among radio listeners and long-established metal fans.

Currently, the guys are working on a new album set to be released in mid-2024. In addition to music video shoots and photoshoots, the first concerts for 2024 are already lined up. Stay tuned!