• The band is down to 2

    Some of you may have wondered what has happened to us lately. Album-release and yet so silent?! Well, here is the big news: unfortunately Cold Silence is down to two band members. Rafi and Nick have left the band.This is a huge low blow for us. Not only because we have to start anew now, but because we lose two awesome human beings that also completed our band in a unique way.

    We wish both Nick and Rafi all the best for their upcoming musical journey!

    However! We, Tom and Peet, are not giving up. “The Silent Opening” is out, the next days lyric videos of our songs follow, as well as other video material. The search for new musicians is ongoing and while we get back on track, Tom is occupied with writing brand new songs.

    Cold Silence is NOT history. That is not a promise, it’s a spoiler! Stay tuned!

  • Out of Time premiere on sunday!

    Holy Smokes, here we go! On sunday around 6 pm it’s finally time. Our first album track “Out of time, End of Line” sees the light of the day. Have a look at our Youtube channel, there you’ll find the premiere that starts at 6 PM. Alongside the track you’ll witness a lyric video, so you can sing along the ear worm after some sessions. Soon the whole album comes out, stay tuned!

  • “The Silent Opening” is coming in 2021

    Finally it’s out: “The Silent Opening”, the first studio album of Cold Silence is scheduled for 2021 and we couldn’t look forward more to that date. Further down you can already listen to the intro track. Stay tuned, at best on one of our social media channels, and you won’t miss out on something. Our plans are big!