• Jimoh joined the band!

    Finally we have found a new drummer! It was not hard to choose Jimoh, our latest band member, because he is one hell of a skilled, funny, down-to-earth guy with lots of ambition. We truly believe in this combo and can’t wait to tackle the stage within the next year and write new songs. Stay tuned!

  • Drummer and Bassist wanted!

    As we already posted in our last news and on our social media platforms, we are searching for a new drummer and a new bassist. Cold Silence is an incredible experience and we love what we do, so we hope to find companions that have the same passion.

    You should bring the following to the table:

    You mastered your instrument
    You are ready to be responsible for other tasks, that match you
    You can play on click and with in-Ear-systems
    You are vaccinated
    You are financially ready to share the costs until we have a solid income
    For the bassists: You can sing and/or scream!

    If you are interested, feel free to get in touch with us via contact form on this site or! See you!

  • The band is down to 2

    Some of you may have wondered what has happened to us lately. Album-release and yet so silent?! Well, here is the big news: unfortunately Cold Silence is down to two band members. Rafi and Nick have left the band.This is a huge low blow for us. Not only because we have to start anew now, but because we lose two awesome human beings that also completed our band in a unique way.

    We wish both Nick and Rafi all the best for their upcoming musical journey!

    However! We, Tom and Peet, are not giving up. “The Silent Opening” is out, the next days lyric videos of our songs follow, as well as other video material. The search for new musicians is ongoing and while we get back on track, Tom is occupied with writing brand new songs.

    Cold Silence is NOT history. That is not a promise, it’s a spoiler! Stay tuned!